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Causal AI
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Causal AI, the new frontier of Artificial Intelligence

Top managers using AI  70%
Step to implement AI  9
Research on AI since March  +62%
Explainable AI  The added value for companies

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3 min 52 sec

AI, tech and tennis. A new way of taking the field

Welcome to the future of tennis, where Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies are radically transforming the way athletes, coaches, and even spectators interact with this centuries-old sport.

2 min 24 sec

Artificial Intelligence in the New iPhone 15: A Revolution in Your Pocket

Discover how Artificial Intelligence in the new iPhone 15 is a game-changer, making the device not just smarter but also a personal health and wellness advisor.

3 min 33 sec

3 AI tools you can uncover in August

Artificial intelligence is now an integral part of our working lives and will become more so as time goes on. Whether you want to consider it a great ally, a future threat or study it in curiosity, here are three interesting tools for you to discover this month.

2 min 14 sec

Backcasting, a method for imagining the future creatively and strategically

Backcasting presents an innovative planning method that begins with envisioning a desired future, then works backwards to identify the necessary actions to achieve it. Backcasting enables us to consciously shape our future, emphasizing long-term solutions over short-term fixes.

2 min 34 sec

How Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing retail

AI is causing a significant shift in the retail sector, influencing various aspects from customer understanding to task automation. Refining AI's predictive capabilities enables retail professionals to more accurately anticipate customer needs and market trends, leading to strategic decision making and improved business results.

2 min 56 sec

How Causal AI supports businesses in reducing Churn Rate  

To better understand customers, Artificial Intelligence analyzes large amounts of data and the relationship between the company and the customer. Reducing churn rate and fostering customer loyalty allows the company to improve its sales performance

2 min 22 sec

Explainable AI, the added value to AI-based analytics

Explainable AI makes the outputs of analyses understandable and reconstructs the optimization processes. By leveraging the potential of Natural Language Generation, the generated outputs are effective and accessible to everyone

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