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How to make effective business decisions?


With Vedrai


Vedrai is the tech company that guides your company in business decisions. Advanced mathematics and prescriptive analytics become accessible thanks to a no-code interface and the support of virtual consultants who speak the language of your business


Do you know 

that every little decision you make can make a big difference?

Step 1

Achieve your company's goals

With the Suite Vedrai you can choose the domain and the results most relevant for your business, those with the highest variability and the greatest risk associated
I want to open a new shop, which results should I expect in the next year? With what variability? What are the main internal and external risks I need to understand and control?
Step 2

Select the internal and external variables that impact these results

Define which factors, external or internal, generate the company's results and the relationships between them. Don't worry if this relationship is not known, we will handle it with AI!
To model and track the profitability of a new shop I use the following KPIs: # expected daily customers, average receipt, cost of rent, # of staff members and many others. In addition to these, the Suite Vedrai gives you the possibility to add external variables taken directly from our libraries: weather, events, industry trends, holidays, macro-economic indexes, and many others
Step 3

Define the decisions you need to make that affect your business results

Indicate the strategic levers at your disposal that you can modify to maximize your goal
The levers that drive the success and profitability of my new shop are, for example, size, prices, opening hours, number of staff and many others
Step 4

Launch the simulations and set up a decision-making dashboard, where you can view KPIs, graphs and suggestions from virtual consultants

Once you have launched our models, in an intuitive, drag-and-drop manner the Suite Vedrai allows you to select the performance indicators, graphs and analyses that support your decision-making process and best meet your business needs
Build a dashboard where you can monitor the progress of variables, the status of target achievement and virtual advisor suggestions
Step 5

Monitor the evolution and probability of goal achievement

Thanks to a continuous data update, the Suite Vedrai allows you to monitor the progress of your goal in real-time and develop new suggestions to help you reach it
Monitor the evolution of the probability of reaching the target as decisions and the evolution of the variables involved change. For example, if traffic is expected to increase in the store next week due to the holidays, make sure to increase staffing

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