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How to explore several analysis relevant to your business in just a few clicks?

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With WhAI Explorer


data visualization system designed to improve decision making. It turns complex information into insights, enabling you to achieve your business goals more effectively.


Watch your data come alive, paving the way towards informed decisions


Analyze historical and forecast data, comparing internal and external variables to detect trends and relationships. Compare variables to track changes over time and discover relationships, and get quick answers to your business questions by interacting with our AI Chatbot.

Real-Time Analytics


Modify hypotheses, leverage key variables and generate what-if scenarios to discover various strategic paths. This feature allows you to create detailed scenarios, complete with insights, suggestions and alerts, that help you understand all possible outcomes under different conditions. It is the perfect tool to improve your strategic planning process, providing a clear view of possible futures and supporting your decisions.

Advanced sensitivity analyses


Access a complete kit of descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, diagnostic, sensitivity and what-if analyses to meet all your reporting needs. Create and share customized reports based on user profiles in a variety of formats, ensuring that critical data is not only accessible, but actionable for all stakeholders. Effectively share insights and foster collaborative decision making.

Personalized reports

What distinguishes WhAI Explorer?


Drag & Drop Dashboard: easily customize dashboards and reports in a no-code way.


Conversational AI: interact with the software via an AI Chatbot to get quick answers.


Recommendation System: provides personalized tips and alerts for specific scenarios.


Collaborative Tool: it facilitates teamwork and sharing among stakeholders.


Comprehensive analysis: includes descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, diagnostic, sensitivity, and what-if analyses.

What benefit can you get from WhAI Explorer?

Improve the speed and accuracy of decisions by integrating multiple data sources and analytics.

Reduces the time and effort required to interpret data, enabling faster reactions to market dynamics.

Increases operational efficiency through intuitive visual narratives and simplified data sharing.

Vedrai predicts your questions as well.


How does WhAI Explorer facilitate decision making?

With customized visualizations and real-time generation of insights, WhAI Explorer enables a deeper understanding of data. This approach is more advanced than traditional visualization tools, which can only offer static representations.

Does WhAI Explorer support teamwork?

Yes, it is designed for collaboration, enabling teams to share insights and work together toward common goals, distinguished by its interactive features from other platforms.

What types of data can I explore?

You can analyze complex data, from financial metrics to market trends, using interactive visualizations. This ability to handle a wide range of data types offers a significant advantage over traditional visualization tools.

Can you give some examples of questions it can help me answer?

Up to what level of 'average hourly production' does the probability of achieving a margin > 1 M remain above 90%?

Up to what minimum level of trading partner incentives does the probability of reaching the 2025 turnover target remain above 85%?

What is the critical level of the cost of energy such that the probability of achieving a positive EBITDA falls below 80%?

Up to which interest rate level is my cost of debt low enough to guarantee a positive margin at the current price level?


Discover how to revolutionize the way you make business decisions.

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