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How to generate and analyze business scenarios by harnessing the analytical power of AI models?

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With WhAI Simulator

What we ARE talking about

WhAI Simulator is a powerful analytics tool designed to forecast future outcomes and offer actionable insights through prescriptive analytics.


Internal data

Vedrai processes the data at 360°. From procurement, to Data Quality controls, to building relationships with other data up to the provision of downstream systems

They are those related to your company, the historical ones and the current ones

External data

We have a wide variety of cases and scenarios that allow the algorithm to work at its best and increase the reliability of outputs and processes


Vedrai provides them to you

The data is merged together to generate millions of ​scenarios​​ in ​seconds


Find underlying patterns and clarify why outcomes occurred.

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Diagnostic Models

Why did happen?

Uncovers the root causes of past events, providing the insights needed for corrective and strategic actions.

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What will happen?

Uses historical data to forecast future outcomes, supporting preparations for what's ahead.

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Prescriptive Models

How to make it happen?

Identifies the best courses of action for future scenarios, offering data-driven recommendations.

Deliver actionable insights and recommendations to effectively reach company goals.

Enhance decision making with the power of probabilistic models and the simplicity of Generative AI.

What does WhAI Simulator stand out for?


Predictive Analysis: anticipate what will happen in the future, enabling organizations to better prepare for potential outcomes.


Diagnostic Analysis: interact with the software via an AI Chatbot to get quick answers.


Recommendation System: provides personalized tips and alerts for specific scenarios.


Collaborative Tool: it facilitates teamwork and sharing among stakeholders.

Vedrai predicts your questions as well.


How does it improve the forecast compared to other solutions in the same category?

WhAI Simulator uses advanced simulation techniques and prescriptive analysis to generate more accurate and detailed forecasts, overcoming traditional statistical or machine learning models that may not consider the complexity and uncertainty of business processes.

Can I customize simulations for specific needs?

Absolutely. Our platform is designed to be extremely flexible, allowing users to tailor simulations to unique scenarios, a distinct advantage over less flexible frameworks.

What benefits does WhAI Simulator offer beyond forecasting?

In addition to forecasts, WhAI Simulator provides detailed causal analysis and prescriptive suggestions to optimize decisions, offering an in-depth insight not provided by other analytical tools.

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